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Orbital Filling for Chemistry Applications Free

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The following interactive scientific app will give you a complete understanding of the electron configuration of elements, and how electrons populate atomic orbitals.
This is the ONLY orbital filling app on the App Store!!!

Want to discover how electron arrangements vary between the elements?
You can choose an element from the periodic table to see how orbitals are filled in energetic order until completion. As you go through this process, you will learn about the Aufbau principle, Hund’s rule and their applications in finding the electron configuration.

Each element’s unique solution is presented in the simulation stage where you can check your solutions to solve homework problems and study for exams. In this stage the tricky exceptions to the rules are identified and explained as well. There are a wide variety of elements to choose from which are covered in high schools and first year of universities.

Main features include:
•Interactive step-by-step explanations
•Quick and easy introduction to the Aufbau principle
•User’s choice of viewing orbital filling process
•Zooming capability available to access elements easily and clearly
•Simple touch guided messages to lead the users towards each new stage
•Orbitals structured in corresponding energy levels as students would easily visualize and remember
•Full name of the elements, number of electrons and configurations are available
•All possible valences for each element are shown accurately
•Pop up message reminders appear for certain arrangements so the users can understand subsequent phases without any confusion
•Skip guide functions allowing quick access to the complete electron spin arrows for each element
•Ideal for solving homework problems and exam preparation
•Over 50 elements to try out!

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