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Fly Copters Fly

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Hello, and welcome to "Fly Copters Fly". This game was developed for school children in North Monterey and Soledad. It is now being made available for everyone - for free.

What is "Fly Copters Fly"? Well, the simplest way to describe it is that it is a video game that wants to be a Happiness Machine. At least, that is how we describe it to the kids. This really _is_ a different type of a video game. It is a game that is part of a system that will try to help you and your circle of friends seek out what truly makes you happier. And then do it.

A funny thing has happened to the video game industry. The industry has become focused on producing games that are addictive. Some games even call themselves exactly that - addicting. But who wants to be addicted to anything? While video games have become focused on trying to get people to "stick', people don't want to be addicted. So, how then do we solve this problem? Well, there is no single shot answer to the problem of de-addiction. But perhaps the simplest solution to addiction is to replace one craving for another. Well, this game will help create a way for you to satisfy your craving for video games, but prevent you from becoming an addict. How? Simple. Play this game instead of other games. Besides doing that, the point of this system is this: we recommend using a system we have set up to help you make the changes that can lead to a less stressful life. In fact, you are probably better off simply using the Fly Copters Fly system and not playing the game at all. But if you want to play the game, please go ahead. Just don't overdo it. That would break our heart. <3

Information on the setup and the system follows.


(1) MILESTONE 1 : "Fly Copters Fly" is a simple infinite horizon game involving a happy little helicopter flying past barriers. What we want you to do is to start the game. Then, try to score 10 points in the game. Okay, so that's Milestone 1.

As part of celebrating reaching Milestone 1, here is what you will do. You will make a list of your favorite movies. Make a list at least 5 movies long. Try for 25. File the list away somewhere.

(2) MILESTONE 2 : Your next goal is to score 20 points in the game. Okay, so that's Milestone 2. Milestone 2 : make a list of your favorite songs. 5 at least. Try for 25. This is List 2 and this constitutes your second zone.

(3) MILESTONE 3 : Your next goal is to score 40 points in the game. Okay, so that's Milestone 3.

As part of celebrating Milestone 3, make a list of three to four activities that you enjoy and that give you a bit of exercise. That is your third zone.

(4) MILESTONE 4 : Your next goal is to score 50 points in the game. As part of Milestone 4, make a list of 5 video games you enjoy playing, and that have a social aspect to it.

(5) MILESTONE 5 : Your next goal is to score 60 points in the game. As part of Milestone 5, make a list of 5 ways to spend money on someone else. This is important: it has to be someone other than you.

(1) Go through each list, and make sure each list consists solely of items you like or are fond of.
(2) Reserve three to four hours every weekend.
(3) Try to spend about half an hour engaging in three of the four zones. Include at least half an hour in Zone 3, the activity zone.

And that's about it!


The North Monterey Happiness Project is based on research in the field of Happiness Studies (psychology, really), including at Harvard, Stanford and other schools. One of us knows one of the researchers on the topic a little bit, but no particular emphasis has been given to their specific research.

Watch out for more fun games in the "Fly" series. Fly, chicky, fly!


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