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rejiva app is a corresponding mobile application for the rejiva FDA registered biofeedback patch that captures overall health, manages stress, appraises the aging process, monitors sleep and tracks energy level.

rejiva's bio-feedback is generated in the form of 5 modules - Overall Health, Stress, Aging, Sleep and Energy. These modules give new insight into the habits that make up your lifestyle and also provide with accurate readings of what is going on with your body as a whole, day-by-day and week-by-week.

STRESS - Manage stress and build a strong stress resistance. rejiva gives a view of current stress levels with stress control exercises and critical information for instant improvements.

OVERALL HEALTH - Capture health changes and be aware of possible health issues early on. rejiva gives a quick snapshot of your overall health.

AGING - Appraise biological age and optimize anti-aging procedures. rejiva assesses your biological age versus your chronological age.

SLEEP - Monitor how well you sleep. rejiva assesses your sleep position, restfulness and breathing pattern, and suggests improvements.

ENERGY - Track your current energy level and measure daily progress. rejiva assesses your energy level, monitors changes; automatically suggests the best time to work out.


The body comfortable patch is attached using a skin-friendly adhesive. The low-profile design is suitable to daily life.

Sensor data is interpreted by algorithms to convert biofeedback into meaningful insights. Data is sent to the mobile app.

Using Bluetooth Low Energy, the app provides access on-demand, summarizes results, reports trends, provides feedback and even syncs with popular fitness trackers.