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Gladiator Coliseum Challenge

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Gladiator Coliseum Challenge - The Battle for Freedom as a single Gladiator topple a Roman Empire!

Quintus is a Gladiator and military leader in The Third Servile War, self-taught Gladiator with fighting style that represents the Roman Legions.
Quintus, fighting style was the first to use the gladius sword as its primary weapon.

Quintus, was shorter than most other Gladiators, he depends on his strength and endurance to survive the battle. His two gladius swords gives him an edge in defense and his gladius also gives him the ability to thrust and swing at his enemies when in close range.

Quintus, created a special attack move, to kick their enemies with his thick padding worn around his legs.

During the Third Servile War, Quintus was capture
by the Roman Republic, known collectively as the Roman Servile Wars.

The Romans under unknown circumstances capture Quintus, but he escaped after 30 days.

The escaped Gladiator Quintus, defeated a small force sent to recapture him, but he made camp on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius. Word of the escaped gladiator Quintus, resulted in a revolt which spread, and other escaped Gladiators started to join him.

However, the First Cohort (Cohors Prima) is hunting him, Quintus, and they are armed.

Although, Quintus is armed with gladius swords, he will exploit the Roman Republic, weaknesses by running, jumping, dodging, or counter-attacking with proper timing, agility, and thinking. Then unleash his speed by quickly running, jumping to his freedom and victory.

Battle alongside fellow warriors because a single Gladiator can topple a Roman Empire!

Connect with other warriors: Gladiator Coliseum Challenge with Social Media.

Great Sound effects, running, quick, action style
Easy control, tap to jump and hold running game! 
Great endless fun game for all ages! 

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