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Cue Player

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Cue Player is designed around a single need: the ability to cue up various types of files into a single playlist for use during an event. Load your media clips via a convenient web interface through your web browser and your done. If you want to customize how those clips playback, add them to a playlist in any order you want - you can even put the same clip in multiple times at different positions in the playlist.

If you are doing any kind of drama presentation where you need short audio queues played at certain times you can put them all in the proper order in a playlist and just tap on them in order. Slideshow presentation? Take all your pictures, order them however you want and set them to auto-advance after a set period of time on screen. Need to show a video during the presentation? Go ahead and throw that video clip in as well. Audio, Picture and Video clips can be mixed together in a single playlist, giving you the flexibility you need to run your presentation. You can even set a single video or audio clip to loop forever until you manually change slides.

Some features:
* Upload media via web interface.
* Media clips can be set to loop, auto-advance or stop when finished.
* All standard iOS media formats are supported.
* Playback to TV or projector via AV cable.
* Smooth transitions between different clips.

View Cue Player in action here: