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ZuberFamZoom for Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota

  • Games
  • Education
  • Family
  • Puzzle
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(NOTE: Allow “Notifications” and “Camera Permissions” to fully enjoy this app’s magic!)
ZuberFamZoom was created by award-winning toy-inventor grandparents who wanted something more engaging than phone calls, SkypeTM or FaceTimeTM when connecting with the important people in their lives.
ZuberFamZoom is magical. Two people on two different devices in two different places see, say and do things totally simultaneously in a safe and secure virtual family room! When Mom moves a jigsaw piece on her iPad, it instantly moves on Joey’s. And vice versa. When Suzie in Seattle draws a silly mustache on a picture of her dog Fido, it shows up immediately on Grandpa’s screen in Phoenix.
Doodle, draw and mark up. Read stories. Play games. Put puzzles together. Do actual homework. There’s no waiting. No turn taking. No ceding control. Use our built-in content or import your own. The interactivity is endless (though you can play all of the activities solo when your zoom buddy is unavailable).
Even better, Grandpa and Suzie also chit-chat through their devices.
Nobody does “seeing, saying and doing” like our Zubernet technology. Learn more about the magic at
ZuberFamZoom can’t promise healing, but it CAN guarantee simple, warm and engaging connectivity with family and friends during challenging times. You can’t be at your child’s bedside 24/7 but you’re never more than a “login” away!