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4th Grade Math Common Core

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"This app meets and exceeds its defined objective to help students strengthen math skills. For the content alone, I would highly recommend it to other educators and parents."
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In fourth grade math the emphasis is on multi-digit multiplication and division with multi-digit dividends, developing an understanding of fractions and decimal fractions, plus developing fluency in addition and subtraction.

Math Galaxy’s Fourth Grade Common Core Math covers all of the Common Core math standards for fourth grade as listed below.
The concepts are presented in bite-size pieces with an unlimited supply of problems, with numbers chosen randomly.
Illustrations are used throughout to reinforce the concepts.
You can be guided through problems step-by-step or just give final answers.
By solving problems students earn robots to use in a maze game, plus there are several other games involving math practice.
Certificates with scores and summaries can be emailed from final-answer mode to be printed.
Topics covered are listed below along with their Common Core standard.
More details on common core standards can be found at:


Generalize place value understanding for multi-digit whole numbers.
Use place value to perform multi-digit arithmetic.

Place Value Blocks (4.NBT.1)

Place Value (4.NBT.2)
Place Names
Expanded Notation
Comparing Numbers
Ordering Numbers

Rounding & Estimating (4.NBT.3)

Adding Whole Numbers (4.NBT.4)
3-4-Digit Addition (traditional)
Alternative Method - Partial Sums
Alternative Method - Expanded Notation
Alternative Method - Column Addition

Subtracting Whole Numbers (4.NBT.4)
3-4-Digit Subtraction
Alternative Method

Multiplying Whole Numbers (4.NBT.5)
1-Digit x 2, 3, or 4-Digits (traditional, common core, and alternative)
2-Digit x 2-Digit

Dividing Whole Numbers (4.MBT.6)
1-Digit Divisor, 2-4-Digit Dividend
Zero’s in Quotient
Missing Number
Part of a Group


Use the four operations with whole numbers to solve problems.
Gain familiarity with factors and multiples.

Multiplicative Comparison (4.OA.1, 2)
Word Problems (4.OA.2)
Multi-Step Word Problems (4.OA.3)
Factors & Prime Numbers (4.OA.4)
Patterns (4.OA.5)


Extend understanding of fraction equivalence and ordering.
Understand decimal notation for fractions and compare decimal fractions.

Identifying Fractions (4.NF.1)
Fractions on a Line (4.NF.1)
Part of a Group (4.NF.1)
Equivalent Fractions (4.NF.1)
Comparing Fractions (4.NF.2)
Reducing & Improper Fractions (4.NF..3a)
Adding & Subtracting Like Fractions (4.NF.3b)
Multiplying Fractions (Whole # times simple fraction) (4.NF.4)
Fractions Word Problems (4.NF.3c, 4.NF.4c)

Writing Decimals (4.NF.6)
Comparing Decimals (4.NF.7)
Ordering Decimals (4.NF.7)
Adding 10ths and 100ths (4.NF.5)


Solve problems involving measurement and conversion of measurements.

Length (4.MD.1,2)
Area & Perimeter (4.MD.1-3)
Volume (4.MD.1,2)
Liquid Volume (4.MD.1,2)
Line Plots (4.MD.4)
Mass (in Riddles game) (4.MD.1,2)
Time (in Riddles game) (4.MD.1,2)
Angles (4.MD.5-7) under Geometry


Draw and identify lines and angles, and classify shapes.

Terminology (4.G.1-3)
Angles (4.G.1-3)


The Money Trail
Bridge the Swamp
Labyrinth (a maze game - robots are earned in exercises.)