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Animal Typing

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• Animal Typing is a simple and funny way to learn touch typing for all ages.
In Animal Typing, the animal you get depends on your typing skills. The faster you type, the faster is your animal (snail, rabbit, horse, etc.). However, be careful, Animal Typing also greatly rewards your accuracy. So, avoid the typos and get the cheetah!

• Use the virtual keyboard or a Bluetooth keyboard.
** A hardware Bluetooth keyboard is recommended. **

• 32 lessons to gradually learn the keyboard keys.

• Also include a second set of 32 lessons for kids under 10 years old.

• Animated fingers showing the proper typing technique.
** Only displayed when using a hardware Bluetooth keyboard. **

• Keyboard layouts: Qwerty (US, UK), Dvorak, Colemak, Qwertz (German), Azerty (French).
(The Dvorak or Colemak layout should be set in iOS settings and are only available with a Bluetooth keyboard.)

• Include advanced lessons for specials characters (1234... #$%[]...).

• Include the Kids Lessons in Arabic.

• Local user login system to switch between multiple users.

• Game Center Leaderboards.


I want to thank the translators Mr Oscar Céspedes, Ms Lingnan Wang, and Ms Masako Nagano for the realization of the Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese lessons respectively.
I want to thank Ms Gaylene Sutton for her suggestion and advices in the preparation of the "Kids Lessons" set.
I also want to thank the community for the sound effects.
Full audio credits: