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Argubot Academy EDU

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This GlassLab Games Exclusive edition of Mars Generation One: Argubot Academy is for institutions only. If you're a K-12 educational institution, you can sign up for GlassLab Games at

In this futuristic adventure game developed in collaboration with NASA and the National Writing Project, the year is 2054. At the first human city on Mars, citizens resolve their differences and make important decisions by sending robot assistants into battles of the wits. Players learn how to equip their Argubots with strong, valid arguments about the future of life on Mars as they find out if they have what it takes to lead a new 21st century civilization.

Argubot Academy EDU has special features that help educators take learning to the next level!

Navigate to to access:
* Standards-aligned reporting giving you unparalleled transparency into both class and individual students’ learning.
* Easy-to-use classroom management features, allowing you to create classes and enroll students to play in just minutes.
* Turnkey, printable lesson plans, helping you engage your students both inside and outside of the game.
* Other high quality, high impact games created by GlassLab and other industry-leading learning game developers.

Media Coverage:

“Argubot Academy is significant because it addresses a part of school curriculum that few games have tried to tackle: argumentation, logic, and reasoned thinking. … one of the impressive things about Argubot Academy is that it takes a multidisciplinary approach. It grounds ELA proficiencies in a STEM based narrative setting. ... So often we forget that the purpose of education is not only to make workers who contribute to the economy, but also, to make citizens that contribute to making a better civilization.” -- Forbes

“Engrossing missions feature imaginative STEM-themed issues. Meanwhile, it's exciting to discover that the game rewards users for making strong arguments -- not for picking a particular "correct" position. By teaching ELA standards through a STEM-themed storyline, the game is fundamentally interdisciplinary in all the right ways. Showing students how these skills bridge disciplines is a critical lesson, and that point is deftly delivered.” -- Common Sense Media

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