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mContacts Address Book - eShare Contact Lists, Group Roll Call+ Checklists, Speed Dial, Group Email & Text

iPhone / iPad
  • Business
  • Productivity
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mContacts is an alternate Address Book that enables you to easily Create, Organize and Share Contacts, Groups and Contact Lists with other mContact users thru email.

Organize your Contacts into associated Groups and Share them.

Create Contact Lists containing any number of Contacts and Groups for specific purposes, Emergency Contacts, Teams Members, Project Contractors or Babysitters for example.

Easily transfer these Groups and Contact Lists to other family members, co-workers or team members.

It's easy to backup your Contacts and Groups, just tap "Select All" from the Share Screen and email the file to yourself.

Use the built in Roll Call+ Checklist utility to quickly create Checklists for any Group, quickly enabling you to track attendance, RSVP's, or "who's bringing what to the next event".

Each Group Checklist has a Timestamp, an editable Label, Sub-Label, and Description Field. There's' also a convenient Note's Field assigned to each Group Member as well as a Green, Red and Yellow Checkbox to record their status. You can even Call, Text or Email Group members direclty from Roll Call+ utility if needed, just tap their name to open the Contact Options.

Use mContacts to:

* Create Shareable Groups of Contacts for easy reference
(Contacts can be placed in multiple Groups)
* Quickly include Group Contacts as recipients of Group Texts and Emails
* Create Shareable Contact Lists (include any number of Contacts and Groups)
* Import from & Export to the iOS Address Book (currently 1 Contact at a time)
* Use as a Secondary Address Book to hold your Business, Association or Team Contacts
so they don't overpopulate and clutter your existing iOS address book
* Create unlimited Group Roll Call+ Checklists
Call, Text or Email directly from the Roll Call+ Checklist screen
* Add your favorite Contacts to the built in "Speed Dial" screen for quick calling
Hold the "Speed Dial" contacts button for 2 seconds to text


* "Swipe Right" to close most screens, you don't have to reach for the Back/ Done button
* Hold a Contact's button down for 2 seconds in the Main Contact Screen to dial their mobile number
* The Contact Screen auto scrolls to the last selected Contact
* Add a Contact into Multiple Groups
* If wanted, save a Contacts phone extension at the end of their number. ex: 218-777-8888,,,,15 (comma = 1 sec. delay)
* Group Email
* Group Text
* Phone Dialer
* Search includes Name and Organization
* Contact's Organization and Title are displayed in the Main Contact Screen
* eShare - Shared Contacts, Groups and Contact Lists are transferred thru email
* Contact Icons are not transferred when Shared with other users

mContacts is always listening. Select "Contact Us" from the Info Screen to offer suggestions, comments or report problems.

We are especially interested in integrating other utilities, similar to the Roll Call+ Checklists, into mContacts. If you have an idea or want a utility to do something specific with lists of Groups or Contacts, let us know.