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What is Auto Paint? Well, that’s a good question : ) 

- Is it a normal painting app? Definitely not!
- Can you paint with it? Yes! … and no!
- Does it have anything to do with cars??? Not that I know of!
- Is it creative entertainment for the lazy artist? Mmmmm, you could say that.
- Is it Rembrandt in an app? I wish!
- Is it Jackson Pollock in an app? No, but you’re getting closer!

I’ll see if I can explain it:

This is what YOU do; 
- select one or multiple colors and a background color.
This is what AUTO PAINT does; 
- 2 little round “brushes” fly across the screen. Or wander lazily around the canvas.
Then YOU; 
- tap and hold the brush and/or line buttons at the bottom of the screen.
- the moving “brushes” will paint/draw while you hold down their respective buttons!
And then YOU (maybe);
- save your painting to Photos if it turns out to be a work of art : )

That’s it! You press the buttons, Auto Paint paints! Will it create fabulous masterpieces? Sometimes! And sometimes your paintings will be… well, NOT fabulous! But that’s the fun of painting with Auto Paint. Yeah, this, too, is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get : )

I hope this explains it. Otherwise you’ll just have to try it out for yourself. Have fun!