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Impossible Rainbow Road

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Action
  • Arcade
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A physics-based game that's easy to understand but hard to play. You'll fall frequently! Eventually you'll discover the beauty of jumping and the sneakiness of time-rewinding.

The game can be played with one thumb in portrait orientation, or two-thumbed in landscape mode or on a tablet, or simply by tilting the device with the optional tilt control technique.

* Tap on the left or right to steer. (Or drag your finger or tilt the device, depending on your chosen control technique.) The further to the side you tap/drag/tilt, the more the ball turns.
* Touch and hold the clock-rewind icon to reverse time.
* Touch the Pause button to pause, restart, or adjust the sensitivity.

You can customize the level of difficulty:
* Easy means a larger heavier ball and a straighter, wider road. Good for practice.
* Insane means a light, jumpy ball and a narrow twisty road. The highest scores can be achieved here by frequent long jumps.
* Normal difficulty is midway between the other two.

When you get a new high score it's compared to other scores for the same difficulty level. You'll get an idea of where you stand with a message like, "You're in the top 10% of all players!" Like a leaderboard but without fussing with names.

You can select your choice of background images and bonus sounds. You can also record your own bonus sound; try your own yeehah or woohoo!