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MyToday - All Ages

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MyToday is an ABA-based mobile app designed to train children, teenagers and adults how to schedule day-to-day activities for efficient time management. This scheduling app can be a great addition to your repertoire of tools for autism management.

You can build a library of activities for particular hours of the day. The interactive app lets you customize the built-in programs with images and audio of your choice. You can also create alerts to get notified of upcoming activities in advance.

The idea behind the content of MyToday came from ECLC of New Jersey. WebTeam Corporation would like to heartily thank ECLC for their enormous contribution in letting this app see the light of day.

About ECLC of New Jersey
Founded in 1970, ECLC of New Jersey offers lifelong services, starting with education for children with special needs, ages 5-21, through jobs and day/evening programs for adults, including those with autism, Down syndrome and severe learning and/or language disabilities