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HeartGLO -- An Integrative Mind-Body Wellness Manager based on Neuroscience

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Want a tool that helps you practice mindful self-care, positive thinking, and real wellness? The HeartGLO app was created to do just that! Helping you live sustainably well, HeartGLO informs and tracks the key daily micro-choices that actually create mind-body health; rebalance biological systems; and resynchronize internal biorhythms to the external world. Supported by the latest neuroscience developments that provide insight as to how we can reprogram our brains to create neuronal pathways that cultivate inner joy, happiness, energy, and wellbeing, HeartGLO's Nutrition, Sleep, Activity, Stress Management, Meditation, and Breathing practices will help you manifest these powerful changes in yourself. With resources, customizable reminders, awards, leaderboards and more, HeartGLO delivers a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, wellness coaching experience.

With HeartGLO, you can:

• Quickly and meaningfully track key daily wellness practices across six categories: Nutrition, Sleep, Activity, Stress, Meditation, and Conscious Breathing.

• Monitor unhealthy choices or daily excesses like caffeine, alcohol, junk food, nicotine, sugar, and others with an attitude of non-self-judgment and compassion.

• Effectively manage stress by building positivity, interrupting negative cycles, and other HeartGLO stress management techniques.

• Understand and assess the cumulative effect of your choices through your daily HeartGLO Wellness Score.

• Check progress within a beautiful interactive interface that features graphs, statistics, and trends.

• Customize timers, alerts, and reminders for a personal wellness coaching experience.

• Receive beautiful inspirational morning messages that start your day off right and harness your inner power for self-care, self-compassion, and mindfulness.

• Learn wellness practices with a variety of hands-on resources, customized multimedia tutorials and classes, and a continually updated "Learn" library that featuring the HeartGLO living method along with wellness news, tips, videos, audio, picture guides, and articles.

• Get positive reinforcement for great wellness with Awards as well as your own beautiful zen garden that grows with each award.

• Compete for a Wellness Leaderboard spot if you’re motivated by competition

• Unlock your new potential for energy, memory, focus, and creativity by being mindful, building new neuronal pathways with your positive practices, and accessing the capacity of your higher consciousness.

By downloading HeartGLO, you accept the Terms & Conditions, and Privacy Policy, which you can read at anytime on