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Jungle Jaxx - Hero of the Rainforest

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Deep in a jungle rainforest the gorilla king, Ape Jaxx (known as "Jungle" Jaxx to his friends), needs your help in his fight to save his family and home. Early one morning while Jungle Jaxx was out surveying his kingdom a thunderous rumble rolled through the lands. A clan of bulldozers and chainsaw-wielding men had trampled their way into Jungle Jaxx's rainforest. Now Jungle Jaxx must hurry across the rainforest to save his family and stop the villainous loggers from destroying this ape's homelands. Dodge flying chainsaws, jump over saw blades, and avoid being hit by bulldozers and more as you make your way through the jungle. The mob of loggers will stop at nothing to make sure Jungle Jaxx fails, including creating a mutant beast to battle against the king of the gorillas. Fight back with special abilities: shoot bananas or use invincibility gems to win this war. Collect coins as you fight your way through the rainforest paradise to increase your score. Trade coins for special abilities. You can purchase more coins in the store to give you the edge in this war over your homelands. Will the loggers' pitfalls keep you from being the hero of the rainforest? Jungle Jaxx is an addictive, super mario bros style, adventure game you'll go ape over. Will you win the battle to save your rainforest home?

PLEASE NOTE: Jungle Jaxx is free to play. You can collect coins for free during game play. Additionally, you can purchase coins (with real money). Collected and purchased coins can then be traded for special abilities (invincibility, banana shooters, and jump boost) and lives. You choose when to use special abilities that you've traded coins for in the store.

Jungle Jaxx - Hero of the Rainforest, is like the gorilla version of flappy bird mixed with super mario bros and pitfall.