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TinyTERM Plus

iPhone / iPad
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TinyTERM Plus for iOS provides secure SSH, SSL and telnet wireless access using exact terminal emulation for 21 terminal types, including IBM TN3270E, TN5250, VT420, Wyse 50/60 and ADDS. Very easy to use for data entry in IBM and UNIX environments.

TinyTERM Plus is designed for non-technical users or uses where pre-configured, fully automated application access is required. Supports hardware and software scanning, onscreen keyboard remapping, macro recording and automation capabilities including auto-connect/login, prevent/close-on-disconnect and one-touch startup. Users have complete control of displayed keyboard and application view in all orientations.

Try TinyTERM Lite on this app store for a free evaluation of all TinyTERM Plus features.

This is a port of our commercial-grade desktop terminal emulator. We’ve been in business for 29 years and have professional telephone and email technical support.

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Terminals Emulated:
ADDS:Viewpoint, 60, A2
Alpha Micro:WYCOL/Esprit III
ANSI:ANSI 3.64, SCOANSI, AT386, Linux Console
Digital:VT100, VT220, VT220-7, VT320, VT320-7, VT420
IBM:TN3270E Models 2-5, TN5250 Models 3179-2/3477-FC/5555-C01, 3151, 3101
Wyse/TVI:Wyse 50, Wyse 60, Wyse 60-25, Televideo 912, 925, 950
Other:ATT 4410, ADM1, PCTERM, TTY

Scanners Supported:
IPC:Linea-pro, TAB
Honeywell:Captuvo SL22/SL42/SL62
iOS Camera:Software scanner

* iOS 8 compatibility
* Universal binary runs on iPad & iPhone/iPod iOS 5.1 or later
* Secure SSH, SSL and telnet access over WiFi, cellular and VPN networks
* Precise emulation of IBM 3270, IBM 5250, VT420, Wyse 50/60, ADDS terminals
* Japanese, Korean and Chinese support in IBM TN5250
* Very complete emulations including line draw characters and UTF-8 unicode support
* Background terminal sessions
* Comprehensive RSA/DSA key generation and management with key export
* SSL Host certificate authentication
* Configuration import/export with multiple configuration file packaging
* Passcode lock
* Precise configurable display in both landscape and portrait orientations

Emulator Display
* Resizable text font size using pinch/zoom or scroll display for maximum readability
* Fonts rendered internally for crystal-clear type in all situations
* Tap and hold to highlight text and start copy/paste
* Always-on scrollback buffer using single finger swipe
* Option to hide title bar, lock orientation
* Configurable lines and columns with scaleable or fixed fonts and 132x80 modes
* Separate settings for portrait/landscape orientations and keyboard shown/hidden layouts

Keyboard Layouts and Mapping
* On-screen UI for remapping keys to actions, macros and character strings
* Transparent keyboard option for continuous full screen visibility
* Programmable on-screen keyboards for VT220, IBM3151, Numeric 10-key and PC 101-key in English, Spanish, French, German and Norwegian layouts
* Codepage support for over 25 locales

* Macro record/playback to automate connecting and host application startup
* Macro can prompt for username/password or store separately in connection info
* Auto-connect on start allows one-touch connectivity from home screen
* Auto-login on connect associates macro with connect/login sequence
* Auto-reconnect option reestablishes connection and auto-login if dropped
* Prevent-disconnect option enforces proper host system/application logoff

External Bluetooth and Dock Keyboards
* Function keys, arrow keys and all control keys supported on external keyboards
* External keyboard keycode remapping supported for differing codepage/locales
* Onscreen mini-keyboard when using Bluetooth and dock keyboards with missing keys

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