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Quran Academy: How to Memorize Quran

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The easiest way to memorize/revise the quran or selected surahs using innovative memory techniques, record your own recitation, mark & analyze your mistakes, track your progress and a lot of cool things backed by scientific research.

This app is YOUR PERSONAL QURAN MEMORIZATION COACH on the go - pushing you to memorize the quran. It also includes the 10 famous audio reciters in the world to listen to. You can REPEAT AYAHS, SPEED up the reciter, and change the audio reciter at anytime and much more...

Download the app on your iPad and give it a try and if it does not help you memorize the quran, we will help you - shoot me an email on :)

At Quran Academy, our goal is to make Qur’an Memorization achievable and accessible to the masses. We are building an EASY, FUN, & SMART app to help the common Muslim memorize/revise the Quran more effectively, no matter what stage of memorization you are in.

1) Whether you are an older person who wants to memorize some long Surahs like Yaseen, Mulk, Al- Kahf, Insha’Allah we can help you
2) Whether you are in your 20s and busy with corporate life, we can motivate and help you to memorize
3) Whether you are a home-maker with 4 children, Quran Academy can teach you how to memorize most effectively
4) Finally, if you are a Hafidh/a and want to review parts of the Quran, we’ll give you insight on how to revise more effectively.

Revolutionary features:

*We have both the MEDINA QURAN (which is common in the Gulf) and the URDU QURAN which is common in India, Pakistan, South Africa, etc. We have 13 lines per page, 15 lines per page, and 16 liners per page so YOU can have a flexible memorization experience

*You can do WORD FOR WORD HIGHLIGHTING of ALL your mistakes and differentiate the Tahfeedh (memorization) mistakes and Tajweed (pronunciation) mistakes by different colors. You will finally have data on all your mistakes!

*Memory/Revision techniques in the application to help you with effective memorization. Check out our ‘chunking’ feature which allows you to memorize 3 words at a time for seamless memorization. Also, our hand feature is revolutionary as well. You can have the text hidden and as you move your finger from right to left, the text will start appearing and you can double tap to mark your mistakes. This is a super effective way to start revising!

*The ability to view the analytics on your lesson (what you are memorizing) and practice (what you’ve already memorized). You can see the COUNT OF MISTAKES, TYPE OF MISTAKE, HOW LONG IT TOOK YOU TO MEMORIZE LESSON, PERCENTAGE OF JUZ/SURAH COMPLETE, etc.

*Record your own recitation, listen to yourself, and track mistakes

*Robust analytics on all your mistakes to reinforce weaker memorization areas and to give you quick insights on all your mistakes

*Separate your lesson (for memorization) and practice (for revision) and compare the strength of your memorization/revision in particular Surahs/Juz

*The 10 famous audio reciters in the world to listen to. You can REPEAT AYAHS, SPEED up the reciter, and change the audio reciter at anytime

*You can take personalized notes on anything. Our notes feature also allows you to see ALL the notes you made in the Qur’an and to go back to them at anytime

*Customer Support – Inside the app, we have a SEARCHABLE FAQ which answers all your questions. We also have IN-APP CHAT SUPPORT if you click on CONTACT US under support.

*We have so many features in the pipeline that we are planning on launching! Stay tuned….

Check out our website: and reach out to us directly in the App under the Customer Support Icon. You can chat with us inside the app or you can reach out at