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Location Detector - Let Location Detector navigate you and make checking-in possible with just a snap!

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Whether you are lost or at that new bar that just opened and want to let your friends know about; Location Detector helps you with it all and then some. Instead of trying to figure out an apt description of the buildings around you, or to manually check in to any place you are visiting on your social media, let this app guide you and make it an easier task.

Upon launching the app, Location Detector does as its name suggests and detects your location and immediately displays it to you with all the coordinates on a map. This
information can be very useful for multiple purposes. If you are visiting an area you haven't been to before, and are a little clueless about where you are, you can send your coordinates to a friend of yours who is familiar with the area and can help you out. You have the option to send the coordinates through a text message or through Whats app message. You can also send your location to a friend if you are suspicious of where you are and want someone to know in case something should go wrong.

There is also the attraction of sharing your location with your friends on social networks. Instead of having to find the location you wish to share, the app finds it for you and then gives you the option to share it with your contacts on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. So, Location Detector is not only handy and helpful but also time saving!