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Alphabet Mix - Learning ABC Letters, Phonics, Words

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Play with sound combinations and create words. Build letter fluency. With this app, and your help, your child can develop the beginning skills of a successful reader.

Alphabet Mix was designed by a neuropsychologist as a teaching tool for parents, teachers and therapists to use with beginning and struggling readers. It targets the strongest predictors of early reading: letter recognition, letter fluency and phonological processing (sounds).

This app is:
• A parent’s teaching tool
• A teacher’s training tool
• A therapist’s development tool
• A child’s learning tool

What can I do with the app?

Learn the Alphabet (Play Mode)

• Listen and watch the letters move into alphabetical order as you hear the names of the letters.
• Explore letters individually by touch.
• Listen to the letters by name, song or sound.
• Letters can be tricky to recognize. Change the case or font.

Build letter fluency (Swap Mode)

• Search a mixed up alphabet. Touch the letters in alphabetical order to sequence.
• Start out easy with only A, B, and C at level 1.
• Progress through 4 levels to build letter fluency for the complete alphabet.
• Challenge speed with the timer. At just under 1 minute, students have reached a beginning reader’s level of fluency. At about 30 seconds, they have reached the level needed for basic reading fluency.

Begin phonological awareness (Picture Mode)

• Associate letters and letter sounds with animal pictures.
• Touch a letter and watch an animal appear.
• Listen to the beginning letter sound and animal name.

Develop phonological processing skills (Spell Mode)

• Drag letters to spell boxes. 
• Play with sound combinations
• Learn to spell and sound out simple words.
• Listen to the letter sound at the beginning of the move.
• Explore letter sounds and turn them into words (or not).
• Hear how letters combine and sometimes change their sounds when play is pressed.
• Use digraphs (th, sh, etc.) and simple double vowels
• Use the “silent e”.
• Toggle "qwerty" and alphabetic displays.

“My child was not interested in reading but after she tried the App, she was excited about reading. She even began to teach her little brother what she had learned.” – Christine R., Parent

“…great pictures, a variety of activities… it is a good way to have the students not only hear the individual sounds, but also touch them and see them.” - Jill W. M.Ed., CCC-SLP, NBCT