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Holmes Detective Games

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The detective fans’ favorite series of Sherlock Holmes are coming!

-Intricate, suspenseful, dramatic, thrilling, mysterious, gripping and cliff-hanging plots are waiting for the mysterious detectives to discover the essence of these plots.
-Ministers that have suffered a lot of injustice, disappearing dolls and the puzzled and confused police with no ideas are all waiting for the help of mysterious detective.
-Where are these cases that seem without flaws such as chamber murders, the mysterious disappearance can be found with clues?
Just follow the detective Sherlock Holmes to discover all cases that are wrongly, falsely and unjustly repudiated and make the murderers have nowhere to flee!

“Game Collection of Detective Cases of Sherlock Holmes Detective” is written by Zhang Xiangbin, the senior detective story writer and other domestic famous psychologists. It mainly includes a large number of games an. In some separate chapters, it will generally summarize and conclude methods that are used, the inference and deduction.

The collection will help you to break through the traditional thinking mode by finishing the games in the application. You will attempt to do thinking from different perspectives, constantly do converse thinking and reflect for mutual understanding.

Thus you can improve the ability in analyzing and logical reasoning as well as the ability in observation, attention, innovation, decision-making power, memory, judgment, reasoning, imagination and creativity. As a result, your various thinking abilities can be trained to largest limitation and your IQ can be imperceptibly enhanced.

【Characteristics of the app】
-It is invented together by well-known psychologists and famous detective fans.
-The content is so abundant. The cases are sensational. The detective ability of readers can be trained in practice.
-Reasonable suggestions are given according to the content of stories and the investigation can be independently accomplished according to the guidance.
-The world’s top detective games are collected, ancient, modern, Chinese and foreign. They have a wide coverage and a comprehensive perspective.
-It contains 200 cute illustrations and 300 game forms for detective assistants.
-The newest and coolest interactive three-dimensional reading experiences

【Customer reviews】

The thinking can be trained from 10 aspects. All questions are very funny. The content is rich and the application is with high performance-to-price ratio. It is highly recommended for personal reading!
At the beginning, when I finished several pages, I found it was so dull and the theme was so unattractive. But later and after reading more, you will have the feeling of investigation. If you like detective games, you may have a try!
---Hu Conan
My son said that his classmate recommended this book to him. There are hundreds of cases in it and the illustrations are very beautiful. The most important is that the game forms for detective assistants can help them to solve the criminal cases. My son is very fond of it.
---Pao Pao

【About us】

“Cool reading” is our principle. We are devoted to providing readers with better and newer 4D reading materials!
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