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Miles Tracker - Keep on track to stay on the track!

iPhone / iPad
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Nothing requires quite as much discipline as running; you need to set your target and be
very mindful of meeting with each daily goal. Despite all the disciplining, nothing quite beats the rush of adrenaline as your pace quickens and your heartbeat pulses in your ears. Enjoying that rush is a little difficult when you have to try and keep up with how much you have run, for how long and whether you have met with your goal. Such petty things slow you down and certainly kill your runner's buzz!

Miles Tracker is an efficient means to keep on track with your running as well as keeping on track with the fun part of running. You simply have to open the app and tap on the Start Run button and it begins its magic. At any point that you have to take a break, you can Pause Run and then, of course, resume it as well. Miles Tracker goes one step ahead and saves all your running data in a Run Log so you can look back at any day or run and know your past progress.

Another helpful feature it offers for its users is that it allows you to choose between miles and kilometers. This helps diverse users over the world to choose an option they would be more accustomed to. There are several nifty gadgets that one can use to keep on track, but it's unreasonable to spend money on more gadgets when your prime gadget, a smartphone, can serve you well and much more efficaciously!