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Use MiniCash as
- timesheet of your hourly employee(s)
- family/restaurant monthly expense sheet
- monthly bills tracker
- vacation expense tracker
- shared expense tracker

Get started:
- Enter your name and e-mail ( If  you are not comfortable providing that info, enter anything you want.  This app works without access to the Internet. In other words, your personal information stay in your device.
- Add friends from Contacts or  Enter manually. ( MiniCash do not send any e-mails notification to your friends.
-Feed expense/data in seconds.
- Enter or Select description from list of previous descriptions.
- Enter Amount
- Select payee(s) and payer(s) ( right swipe to see ATM logo)
- Commit and Confirm

- Track each group of expenses separately using multiple databases
- Send/Cancel Friendly Notification
- ATM(Payer) transaction is not included in e-mail notification, you need to send it manually..

Additional Information.
-Create database for each event and track expenses separately. i.e., track vacation expense separately from monthly expenses.

-If you choose to send friendly notification later, select cell from Individual view & click e-mail button. Receiver may click link (vcash:// ) to import data to replicate same transaction on his/her MiniCash Database.

-Anything you borrow has no cost associated to it. Enter “0” for amount and counter next to it, will be the number of days in due.

+/Gold Cell : Credit
-/Black Cell : Debit

- MiniCash not only keeps track of shared expenses across a multitude of reasons, but also allows you to send a friendly reminder to others that they need to return a borrowed item. Our app has taken out the awkwardness and given you the power to keep track of your money and personal belongings.

After all, we have other things to worry about.