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English Pre-Kindergarten - Common Core Curriculum Builder and Lesson Designer for Teachers and Parents

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Are you a teacher, a parent, or an educator of Pre-Kindergarten English? This is perhaps the only app you ever need. Invest 2 minutes and read on. Your patience will be greatly rewarded.

What this app does:
1. Describe each Common Core States standard as is, along with a very simple example
2. Provide you the tools to write a simple lesson with little learning curve
3. Supply you with advanced tools to create engaging lessons with a long learning curve
4. Organize lessons freely into curricula that you believe to be effective
5. Teach students as a group, or individually with the lesson plans
6. Share lessons with students, fellow teachers, parents privately in person or via email
7. Publish or download timely and relevant lessons from online community
8. Provide a structured nomenclature so the lessons are relevant
9. Grow with you. We have apps for K-12 Math, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies
10. NEW: Whiteboard Animation included
11. NEW: Speed Draw feature included
12. NEW: 3 new advanced lesson creation tools included
13. NEW: Built-in Natural Text-To-Speech Voice that reads your lesson out loud
14. NEW Advanced Quiz Feature, 1 to unlimited
15. NEW: Create HD Videos in Real-Time
16. NEW: Print Postcard or 4x6 Index Card with a tap
17. NEW: Support videos inside your lessons
18. NEW: Support quizzes with images and videos

What this app does not do:
1. This app does not collect students data
2. This app does not provide you with thousands of quizzes
3. This app does not include video-games-like lessons
4. This app does not charge you for lessons. All lessons, now or future, are included free
5. This app does not have thousands of lessons (Phase II)
6. This app does not assess students’ progress (phase III)

This app is based on the Common Core State Standards. You can adopt your own standards, whether they are legacy standards, or standards from Texas, Indiana, Alaska, Nebraska, or Virginia. In fact, you can incorporate any standard from any countries and any languages.

We know for a fact that all K-12 students will eventually move on to colleges or start their careers. In our opinion, for them to be ready and confident in a high-tech world, they need to be given the best opportunities to excel. Our app is designed to encourage students to develop critical thinking, which cannot be achieved through scripted teaching and standardized testing. Only dedicated teachers, with a deep understanding of students’ need, and a passion to mentor their students can achieve this goal. This app provides these teachers with the best tool so their focus will be on teaching, and to engage students to assure the knowledge is gained for life.

We are encouraging teachers to build interactive lessons using our advanced tools, with a focus on quality and effectiveness. We do provide free tutoring. You are welcome to send us any question and we will be delighted to write a lesson and post it online for everyone to share.

In our pilot run, we thank you for your valuable feedback. To assure 100% satisfaction with 100% good reviews, we insist that you spend just a few minutes visiting our website. We have more than 70 tutorial videos on YouTube “Engender Education” channel. For this app to be worthwhile, you will have to invest a little time in the beginning. This is not a consumable app that you use once. It is intended to stay with you for at least a year. To maximize its benefits, you have to explore all what it can do. Please don’t purchase this app without investigating its pros and cons. For those of you who have enjoyed the benefits of this app, please spread the word. We can only grow with your support. Thank you.

Questions? Please call us or email us at

NOTE: Due to the complexity of this app, iPad 1 may suffer some degradation. For best result, we recommend at least an iPad 2 or above. Thank you.