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Lifetime of the Well-known People

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Do you want to know Confucius how to study in his childhood?
Do you want to know Yuan Longping how to cultivate the hybrid rice?
Do you want to know Madame Curie how to give lessons to her students?
Behind the success of every celebrity, there are different stories. The great examples in your boyhood days can deeply affect the whole life of a person!
Albert Einstein, Lu Xun, Newton, Stephen Hawking, Qi Baishi, Galileo and Madame Curie……
What kind of adversities and difficulties were behind these familiar names after all?
Behind their successes, what kind of costs should they pay?

Stories of people from all walks of life in both ancient and modern times and in China and abroad are included.

It has both the effect of entertainment and philosophy. You can grasp the truths of life in reading.
For young people in the growth stage, it can provide them with a large number of vivid and concrete examples for study;

For parents who have high hope for their children, it can provide them with many experiences in educating and instructing their children;

Let the children set up their goals for the whole life since his childhood. Then they will strive for the goal and will become ambitious. And they will try their best to firmly approach the success step by step.

Open the application and the sail of dream can be opened up. Along with the footprints of these celebrities, you can explore, strive and pursue for your success.

【Characteristics of the app】

The antique page design and the beautiful illustrations
A lot of ancient and modern stories of celebrities both in China and abroad
Motivational and inspirational stories
New forms of celebrity stories + reading key points
Latest interactive and three-dimensional reading experience.

【Customer reviews】

To cultivate children's pragmatic spirit, the parents must lead by example and pay attention to the impact from the words and deeds. Besides, I think it has a great influence on children to read some biographies.
---Yin Jianli
We asked her at an early age, "don't start from the monkey changing to people", but try to absorb the successful experience of predecessors, "standing on the shoulders of giants" as soon as possible.
---Zhang Xinwu
This is a great application. It has simple and beautiful interface, more important is the application selection is very good. With exciting content, it can seize the user's eyes for a moment.

【About us】

“Cool reading” is our principle. We are devoted to providing readers with better and newer 4D reading materials!
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