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Circum inowfun - anonymous mobile local BBS

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Circum - place perception, insight into the surrounding

With Circum, no matter where you are, can make you well aware of where the workplace, should ease.

If you are in the heart of the mall, start Circum, you have to see what the mall stores, they all kinds of new products, promotions, discounts, people to share in it, leave a message, Tucao, but also provide you with a taxi cab, bus dynamic and so convenient.

If you live in a community, in addition to a variety of people to discuss the parents in the community in short, food recipes, healthy health clinics, parenting education, community notification, community business activities, a variety of the size of things at a glance, easy to daily living.

If you are in a business, open Circum, without any action, you can see that if there is buy discount business, what immediate activity, it recommended the case commentaries, but also to see the business microblogging, sharing, and businesses various online promotions.

Terminal, cafe, gym, hospital, pet shops, restaurants and so on ...

In short, no matter where you are, when you want to understand you into business, would like to know the surrounding, places where you want to use a variety of services, open Circum on the right.

Circum does not require you to sweep the two-dimensional code, you do not need to shake, even without you bother to search, you also do not have to switch between the various App, website back and forth.

Just open the Circum, she will be able to automatically sense where you are in place to automatically provide you with all kinds of information related to the property, the corresponding online services, as well as places where people interact with each other forums.

Circum can automatically sense a wider range of places, such as shopping mall, business district, residential areas, CBD, campus, industrial parks, to better perceive smaller range of indoor places, such as a variety of businesses, organizations, and so on.

Circum, let you know the surrounding people, things, things.