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The Augmented Reality Friend Finder App!
Crowdsurfer is one of the most accurate friend and custom POI finders in the world using our Augmented Reality and Map Views, regardless of their global location. Pretty cool huh?!

Ever tried to find your friends at a concert? Meeting up for a coffee and your friend's running late? Need to keep track of the kids? And we all have that friend that wonders off at a party, right? Invite them to create a Crowdsurfer account and find them all with Crowdsurfer!

Simply download Crowdsurfer, create an account or log in using Facebook, invite friends and family to download Crowdsurfer and add them to your contacts. You can see their location anywhere in the world using our Map View. Zoom in an out for better perspective around your city, country or even the world!

Switch to our Augmented Reality View and the fun really starts. Hold your phone up and Crowdsurfer uses your camera to show you where your friends and family are when you pan around. Think of it like X-Ray Vision for your phone.

Here at Crowdsurfer we respect your privacy and believe other people should as well. We have built in a Privacy mode where you can appear offline for 1, 6 or 12 hours. If you want to appear offline for a longer period of time, or help preserve your battery, simply logout and your location will not update until you open Crowdsurfer and login again. You can also view your friends list and select whether or not they can individually see your location.
For tips and tricks on how to enhance your Crowdsurfer experience, conserve battery life or share your great experiences visit our Facebook page at

Crowdsurfer Premium! (yearly subscription)

- Custom Points of Interests -
Can’t remember where you parked the car? Meeting your friends at a new venue? You can save your own custom Points of Interest on our Map View with a custom picture and name. You can see that location in our Augmented Reality and Map View anytime you want to easily have a sense of direction to where you need to go. How cool is that?!

- Groups -
Allows you to group your friends and family together for easy access to toggle on or off their location.

Welcome to Crowdsurfer 1.0
“I hope you enjoy our first version of Crowdsurfer. THE augmented reality friend finder app. We have many new and exciting features coming to our Free and Premium versions of Crowdsurfer. As always, we would love to hear your feedback about this new concept of how friends find friends. Stay tuned as we are about to bring you the future of augmented reality.”
Matt Gerard
CEO and Founder