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Bimtab client

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This is the Bimtab Cloud client that lets you access your Bimtab Cloud account with a corresponding subscription or license.

Looking for the best tool for rapidly measuring flats/buildings and creating floor plans? Do you want to finish with your task really fast or you need a very accurate drawing? Do you need a live 3D preview of your future flat with all furnitures in it?

You found the right tool for yourself!

Bimtab Cloud Client is a cloud based floor plan survey and creation CAD app on the iPad. It utilizes all the benefits of the multi-touch iPad screen that is large enough to work with, and the strong hardware of your iPad even on-site. Let you work on small rooms as a carpenter or large office buildings as building surveyor teams, this app performs well in both situations.

Depending on your subscription you can use following features:
1. The natural way of sketching the floor plan provides fastest drawing of what you see (* Sketch&Tap *
2. Measure all required walls and diagonals resulting an accurate floor plan even with curved walls and different wall thicknesses!
3. If you don't go into such details, then it's enough to create a good draft and then measure only some major walls. Bimtab keeps all drawn angles unchanged unless you don't go into such details.
4. Your measures are updating the floor plan instantly, you see which measure is missing and also all mistakes direct on the spot.
5. Walls, Doors, Windows, Furniture - all this in your hand uniquely creating a BIM (Building Information) model
6. Use laser distance meters to measure anything in the app to make your work easy and precise. 1st app supporting Leica Disto D510. Bosch GLM 100 C is also supported
7. Everything on the floorplan has properties, even images made with the camera of your iPad hardware. Labels and freehand annotations are available for more details: Record more than just the drawing!
8. Need room area, wall surface, door/window surface, perimeter or the relation of them? Or do you need this for the whole flat? Use the report with just 1 simple touch instantly!
9.Bimtab's own cloud stores version history of your drawings automatically, and projects can be shared with your colleagues.
10. Work in teams: measure different parts of the same building at the same time in teams, and merge the results using Bimtab's business cloud functionality (sold as monthly subscription)
11. 3D preview of all you do. Use stories, different wall thicknesses, furnitures and then switch to 3D mode to walk around in what you have created. No need to wait, it is immediately available on-site.
12. Scan floor plans and use them as background of your work. Digitizing existing floor plans was never easier than with Bimtab.

The most important:
Survey results can be transferred via e-mail, Dropbox or Box, and further used as 2D or 3D PNG/JPG images, PDF room-books or for pros the de-facto standard CAD formats: native DXF or IFC CAD output (included) or CAD converters (like the ArchiCAD sold separately).