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With Aid-Mem, you no longer need to worry about forgetting important events and tasks.
It answers the key questions: will I remember, did I remember and where was I?
Aid-Mem reminds you of tasks and events and also keeps track of where and when the reminder was issued and whether it was acknowledged.

How could Aid-Mem be used?

1. Reminders activating other reminders - send a reminder email if an important task/event has been missed.
2. Put your device on a charging stand and have Aid-Mem announce (speak) your important events for the day.
3. Email your friends automatically when you arrive at a location.
4. Reminder and location history for your diary.
5. Wake-up alarm using an acknowledgement with a periodic warning (snooze) and timeout.

Here are some of the key features:

The VoxRem screen allows reminders to be dictated. Prompts and keywords are automatically provided as the dictation proceeds. Spoken feedback is provided after the reminder is saved.

The agenda shows future and past reminders and/or locations for the next and previous week.

The monthly calendar allows selection of past, future and present agenda days.

The searchable map allows the addition and removal of locations that may be linked to reminders. Locations have an entering or leaving trigger as well as circular region whose diameter may be changed (geofencing).

Reminders may be repeated and/or acknowledged. They may belong to another reminder and may be linked to one or several locations. When the reminder becomes due, it may be spoken, displayed using an alert/notification or emailed.
If specified, a warning alert/notification may be issued up to an hour before the reminder is due.

The logs screens show recent history for all reminders or history for a selected reminder. The history details when the reminder was issued, acknowledged, not acknowledged or missed.

There are general help pages and help pages per screen (accessed by tapping the screen’s title).

There is an option to backup the Aid-Mem data in the iCloud. This also allows Aid-Mem data to be synced across your devices.

Aid-Mem can send automatic emails once a reminder is issued. To use the automatic email option, you will need an SMTP email server account.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Aid-Mem is advertisement free and device-based, keeping your data private.

Visit our web-site where you will find a getting started guide and other tutorials.

N.B. Please read the help pages before posting a review.