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PlanBuyCook meal planner: meal planning made simple

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Tired of getting to 5pm without knowing what to cook for the family? Made a last minute decision on the meal only to discover you are missing most of the ingredients?

PlanBuyCook is meal planning made simple using our no-fuss iPad app. It makes planning, shopping for and cooking your meals easy.

PlanBuyCook offers a real life meal planner: use any of our 120 recipes or write your own favourites. You can also schedule in events such as eating out or takeaway – just like you plan your meals in real life. Simply drag and drop them into the planner.

The PlanBuyCook app automatically scales recipes to match your household size, from 1 to 10 serves for every recipe.

NEW: Write your own recipes and the ingredients will automatically be added to the shopping list and aggregated along with any app recipe ingredients you choose. The PlanBuyCook app will automatically scale your recipes to your household size, or locks the scaling for desserts or recipes you do not wish to scale.

US naming and imperial measurements now available.

The PlanBuyCook smart shopping list includes all meal ingredients plus you can add in everyday items which are automatically sorted into grocery section. Mark off items you already have in your refrigerator or pantry, or edit amounts of each ingredient. Send the shopping list to your smart phone, and tick off the items as you do your shopping.

We have also included more than 120 everyday PlanBuyCook dinner recipes for you to try using ingredients available in the supermarket.

• Scale meals (1 to 10 serves)
• 120+ everyday recipes
• Add your own recipes
• Plan up to 3 meals a day
• Choose metric or imperial measurements and ingredient names
• Real life planner integrated with your calendar. Share your calendar between household members
• Smart shopping list available on your phone
• Built in timers
• Nutritional information per serve for PlanBuyCook dinner recipes
• Mark your favourites
• Support from

At we provide helpful planning and cooking tips, and kitchen basics such as how-to videos to help you find economical ways to feed your household and save time in the kitchen.

No more "What’s for dinner?" Plan your meals, shop once – dinner done.