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Great People in History

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I dare ask the whole world what is “fate”?
Through the history, unlocking the “fate knot” of ten kinds of people...
How to locate the knot of fate? It needs discovery and reflection.

Why so many talents can not achieve their life goal?
Why so many people can not make a difference with numerous opportunities in their hands?

Why so many big names who are tough but are overturned finally?
Why so many persons can not become the leader people will follow?

Why so many people who enjoy reputation around the world but can not dominate the situation?
Why those people don’t admit their failure when hitting the wall already?

Why those big authorities can not leave a good reputation in their old age?
Why the blue blood didn’t carve a career?

Why those beautiful women become Helen of Troy?
Why many heroes died humbly?

From the fate of ten controversial Chinese figures in the history, we summarized and analyzed the “ten knots without answers”, and provided the answers which the history can not give in the way that can convince readers to the most.

Reading history can make a man wise, while explaining it can inspire a man.

For those big names in the history, he or she can make a difference if only they resolve heir fate knot; and for us individual in reality, we can surpass ourselves and become a new one if we defeat fate.

【Characteristics of the app】

Classical pictures
Description of the great people
Latest interactive and three-dimensional reading experience

【Customer reviews】

The comprehensive explanation of history person drew a picture of heroes and beauties.
——Mu Xiang
It’s really a wonderful encyclopedia about those big names in history, worth buying!
Surpass the fate equals the second life, for those who stay in the original place and can not find a way out, this may provide the best spiritual method to resolve his or her problems, it’s really an example of “take history as a mirror and look forward into the future”
——Nan Ling Shan Min

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“Cool reading” is our principle. We are devoted to providing readers with better and newer 4D reading materials!
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