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Ballooon! -Let's pop balloon

iPhone / iPad
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  • Action
  • Family
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Dig, aim, and throw with your finger!!!
It's a simple and fun action game with a cute bear who throws stones and pops balloons!

One day, when my animal friends were climbing a mountain, they got a mysterious virus and turned into zombies!
Get the apples in the balloons and save your friends! Pop the balloons to get apples so you can save your friends!

■How to Play
As you trace the mountain with your finger, you can dig out the mountain according to the shape you traced.
If you dig a similar shape to the balloon’s outline from the mountain, the bear will aim and throw stones at the balloons!
Once a stone hits and pops a balloon, an apple will come out.
Get as many apples as you can within the time limit and get lots of points!
*On each layer of the mountain, the points needed to climb up to the next level is shown.
*Climb up as you collect more points, and keep going until you reach your friends.

■ Gameplay Tips
・The more similar the shape you dig from the mountain is to the balloon's white line, the more apples you get.
GOOD: 1 apple GREAT: 2 apples EXCELLENT: 3 apples
・Black explosive balloons appear once in a while. Pop the explosive balloons, and surrounding balloons also pop and you'll get lots of apples!
・Red fever balloons appear once in a while. Pop the fever balloons, and go into fever mode! Balloons will sometimes appear where they can all be popped in just one dig.
Get in a rhythm and pop more balloons!
・Don't worry if you haven't reached your friends! The more points you earn, the more the bear will level up!
Once you level up, lots of balloons will appear. This means you can get more apples.

■ After you save all your friends...
Do you have nothing more to do? No, no, that's not true.
The mountain layer indicates your ranking based on how many points you earned.
Get a high score and to the top of the mountain!
*And don't forget, when you get a lot of points, you can share a video of your gameplay!