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Series of Fanziquan in Tongbei Kungfu

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Product Information:
Thanks to its profound meaning and plentiful skills, Tongbei Kungfu becomes a gleaming flower blooming among the garden of Chinese Kungfu.
Being a Kungfu referee of country-level, Mr. Zhang Feipeng was born in a family of martial artists. He started to learn and practice Kungfu skills at 7 with his teachers including his father, Prof. Zhang Hongmou, who is one of the 100 most outstanding martial artists and some other excellent teachers. Then gradually he has mastered many kinds of skills including the national compulsory routines, optional routines, and also skills of the fist, free combat, grappling as well as the instruments. He is especially good at Fanzi Boxing, the whip, the cudgel, and is proficient in grappling.
This course gives a comprehensive and systematic introduction of the Tongbei Kungfu, including three parts: Fanziquan, Bajiquan, and Piguaquan.

1. Biography: Offer a comprehensive introduction about Master Zhang Feipeng from the aspects of achievements, Publications, as well as his activities, etc.
2. Tongbei Kungfu: Offer a systematic introduction about Tongbei Kungfu from the aspects of development survey, style, characteristics and also effects, etc.
3. Quality Courses: Combination of the demonstration edition and the therbligs; exhaustive description of the essentials.
4. Read More: convenient choices: Click to share, Suggestions and Feedback, Score, Update, etc.

About the Course:
The series of courses demonstrated by Mr. Zhang Feipeng is a set of teaching videos exclusively provided by HBL Global Ltd., which is devoted to making a systematic project existing in the health and beauty industry, and this project is a new mode of globalization, integration of online and offline work as well as networking.

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