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μ Rec - multimedia recorder and player (synchronize photo, video, audio, text, and location) with export & share function

iPhone / iPad
  • Productivity
  • Photo & Video
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【Q. It is inefficient to record all of a lecture or a presentation into a video. And separate records are not useful. How should I record? 】
【Q. What is the way to display a mini map on the video of hiking? 】
【Q. I want to make animated GIFs for twitter. 】
【Q. Because the photo was taken from an angle, rectangular poster was distorted in the photo. Can this be corrected? 】

【A. μ Rec 】

μ Rec can record and synchronize photo, video, audio, text, and location.
A lump of synchronized records is called "song" and each record is called "note".
You can continue to use for free without losing records by using export function although free use has a limitation on the number of stored songs.
The recorder and the player are independent. Therefore, you can use them in parallel.

■■■ Recorder ■■■
- Video is selectable from "Video with audio" or "Video without audio".
- While you are recording video or audio, text and photo can be recorded.
- While you are recording video without audio, audio can be recorded.
- The camera is selectable.
- The image size is selectable.
- The backlight of screen can be turned off for saving battery while you are recording video.
- Audio can be recorded in background.
- You can choose whether or not to record location to be attached to record of other media type.
- You can look up your current location on the map in recorder.
- Location data of photo and video includes the orientation of the camera.

■■■ Player ■■■
- You can manage songs by using albums.
- While you are recording a song, you can play it without interrupting the recording.
- Playback speed can be changed.
- You can play from the target position by searching text in song.
- By rotating the iPhone to landscape, you can overview all songs and can use "Audio Surfing".
- You can choose whether or not to continue playing on the locked iPhone.

■■■ Edit functions ■■■
- Photo cropping with perspective projection conversion
- Edit of rich text (character color, background color, bold, italic, underline, character size, and alignment)
- Deletion of location
- Position and size settings for "photo in video", text, and map

■■■ Share and Export ■■■
- File sharing via iTunes and Wi-Fi
- Export of song in the form of zip file
(The information on the synchronization is included in plist in the zip file. You can edit it if you want.)
- Import of the zip file exported (, edited, or created properly)

■■■ Export to "Photos" app ■■■
- Export of photo and video (Location is not attached.)
- Capture of the song at certain time in the form of JPEG or PNG (Image size is selectable.)
- Capture of the song in the form of animated GIF (Image size is selectable. App logo is added to the last of the animated GIF in free use.)