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Learn Japanese Kanji Characters High Speed Tap - It's Brain Training

iPhone / iPad
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This game is made in japan.
This is the app that can be measured by trained brain.

But when is Normal game is a common Kanji early press game,
Hard, in the Super Hard game, I was different from other games
Since there is a difficulty, if you are confident should be especially challenging.

How to play
■ rules
· Hiragana that is displayed in the upper left corner will be the Kanji that status quo tap.
· I will tap a Kanji that is displayed from the panel.
· This is the game to compete the time to tap the panel of up to ア over ン.
· all the time until the tap will score.
· If you tap the wrong panel increases the time penalty.

■ game screen display
Appears the time it took until clear.

· Upper left panel
Please Tap to look for the same panel as the Kanji displayed from the bottom.

· lower panel
Because the numbers are displayed, please tap the panel of the corresponding Kanji.
Since it disappears when you tap the correct answer, please erase all.

■ game level of
· Easy
The panel lined up in random of 安~乃, I tap the panel to 安~乃 of order.

· Normal
The panel lined up in order of random 安~乃, I will tap from side-by-side panel randomly 安~乃.

· Hard
The panel lined up in random of 安~无, I will tap from side-by-side panel randomly 安~无.

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