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BrushWork converts your photos, or any image, into a realistic computer generated painting. BrushWork doesn't just simulate the effect of a painting, but recreates the process of making a painting by building up an image with layers of brushstrokes and using singular brushstrokes to represent details in your picture.
You provide an image and choose a few settings to begin.
Lower settings will generally create a looser style and finish faster.
Higher settings can capture more detail and have a more finished look, but can take longer.
Drag to move and Pinch to zoom in or out of your painting.
While BrushWork is painting you can view the entire history of each brushstroke as an animation by dragging across the History Slider at the bottom of the screen.
Tap the bottom-right corner to resume viewing the live update.
Tapping the painting will give you a menu with the options of exporting an image to your Camera Roll or starting a new painting.
When exporting, the image saved will be of the current frame in the History Slider.
When BrushWork is finished with a painting, the spinning palette is replaced with a small frame icon.

Photo Credit
White-Faced Ibis - Explore #136 5-06-09
Linda Tanner