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Num Master

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Num Master: The Best Mindreading Application that You Can’t Miss!

Do you want to understand yourself and your significant other better? Do you want to know more about your bosses, superiors, colleagues and subordinates? Do you want to access your clients’ minds and develop a rapport with them? Do you want to know those you are seeing or about to see?

Num Master will immerse you in the magical world of occultism with the most penetrating diagnoses of life.

Num Master is a simple, straightforward, and systematic presentation of the latest findings of Su Xing, the most influential numerologist in China and author of Codes of Life. Download our application to your phone, and you will have an instant access to all the secrets of life.

Everyone is born with a string of numbers of their own, i.e. their life numbers. Through simple calculations that involve one’s Number of Nature, Birthday Number, Zodiac Sign Number, Talent Number, and Life Path Number, numerology can reveal major aspects of one’s life, including personality, emotions, wealth, luck, and even health.

Didn’t expect it, did you? These numbers around us can tell who you are and what your future will be. Num Master will refresh your understanding of destiny.

Introduction to Num Master

Numerology is a discipline that originated from ancient Greece. It explores the meaning and purpose of life by combining insights from Eastern and Western occultism, including astrology, tarot cards, and the Book of Changes. As one of the three major branches of Western occultism together with astrology and tarot cards, numerology embodies the mysterious relation human beings have with the universe. Within 30 seconds, it tells you how to understand yourself and others, and how to improve yourself on the basis of that understanding.

In 2011, Su Xing, the first Chinese numerologist, published her major work Codes of Life: The Number that Controls Your Life in both Chinese Mainland and Taiwan. Drawing on the author’s years of numerological researches, the book is the first and most systematic study in China on numerology and its applications. Since then, it has remained for several consecutive years a 5-star bestseller under the category of psychology. Actually, the book’s being categorized under “psychology” rather than “amusement” is a sufficient indication of its level of expertise, accuracy and practicality.
After Codes of Life, Su Xing furthered her numerological explorations and arrived at more miraculous findings. In Num Master, we will present these latest findings of hers for the first time.

Features of Num Master:

1. Num Master is the first application in China that releases the latest numerological findings under the exclusive authorization of Su Xing, leading Chinese numerologist;
2. Num Master offers mobile device users a simple access to the miraculous world of numerology;
3. Num Master contains a Codex which offers a basic introduction to numerology for users’ reference;
4. Num Master is produced by Sha Sha, famous Chinese expert on occultism;
5. The interface of Num Master was designed by illustrator Liu Shuihua;
6. The background music of Num Master was produced by Yao Ban.

Num Master has Su Xing’s exclusive authorization to use her findings. No part of the content of this application shall be reproduced or used by any other company or individual without prior permission in writing.

Please contact us for inquiries about the use of this application or for one-to-one consultation.

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