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Twice the features and half the price of Proloquo4Text or Verbally.

Able2Talk is an easy-to-use, comprehensive Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) app for the iPad and iPhone. Check out Able AAC Free (Phrasebox category) before purchase.

• Core Words - contains 63 essential words to save you time taping your words
• Core Phrases - Over 1200 phrases in 24 categories like Work, Home Hospital, Starbucks, Mcdonalds and even Chinese take out.
• 4 types of Text Prediction and auto correction.
• Choice of 2 male or 2 female high quality Acapela voices (US and UK).
• Choice of settings for speaking method. Turn on “Speak Each Word” to have the app speak as soon as each word is completed or when you tap a phrase. Or turn it off so you can complete your sentence and tap the “Green Speak button” to speak. You can also tap “Repeat” to say the last sentence again.
• A handy alert alarm to get someone’s attention.
• No Wi-Fi or 3G connection required.
• Add your OWN favorite phrases! Create and save all of your most commonly used phrases and organize them in your own way. This will allow even greater speed in your conversations.
• Conversation history is saved for you to easily scan through and tap what you would like to say again. (words spoken in the last 15 minutes thru 7 days)
• Connect via Email! Easily compose your message using all of Able2Talk's features and tap a button to send it through your email account.
• available for 20 languages (purchase a inapp voice engine, and the app will switch to that language) 78 voice engines available.
• Modify speed and pitch of voice.
• Build in Mini Manual. Review at your pleasure.
• Word replacement system
• Do not want to use a voice engine. No problem. Record your OWN voice.
•Change the color of each button to suit your needs. Thousands of colors available.
• Easy delete, movement or modification of words, categories and buttons.
• Copy emails or internet content to Able2Talk and have your favorite voice engine read it for you. • Selectable automatic delete of words in the display box when the after Green speak button is pressed.