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MobiTen, a leader in mobile technology,

Introduces, Venta, its new application, that enables marketers and sales professional to distribute and update digital sales materials.

Venta’s main claim to fame is that it is a purely visual sales conversation platform. You can customize its look and set it up quickly, making it easy to find and distribute content to your sales team. They will never use outdated materials again.

Content is always easy to find in the midst of a non-linear sales conversation. Just suspend, go to the right content to support your customers question, and then return to where you were; or if the conversation changes you can too, because Venta’s always got your back.

Venta allows you to bend and weave with your customer and always have the right content to support your product and customer stories.

Venta is developing a reputation as “the sales team’s new best friend “

MobiTen, Inc., founded in 2011 in Portland, OR, is a-mobile technology company, focused on enterprise solutions for sales and marketing organizations. MobiTen’s founders are mobile enterprise software experts Leon Yeh and Lynda Corliss. The firm adapts existing digital content and common file formats to craft highly portable, graphically dramatic, simple-to-use and update, interactive presentations for iPads.