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Back by popular demand! iStealthTones is once again available on the App Store — and this time it's free to download! And now, iStealthTones takes full advantage of your iPhone/iPad speakers, calibrated specifically to give true sounds with every tone.

iStealthTones features three different types of tones:

1. Stealth Tones: Annoy friends, family, or animals with the well known "dog whistle" sound. You can choose from any of the different age-labeled tones so that only certain people of different ages can hear them:

• Everyone (8 kHz)
• 60 and Younger (10 kHz)
• 50 and Younger (12 kHz
• 49 and Younger (14 kHz)
• 39 and Younger (15 kHz)
• 30 and Younger (16 kHz)
• 24 and Younger (17 kHz)
• 18 and Younger (19 kHz)

Choose any tone and annoy anyone under that age. Try it out in a classroom or public event to annoy everyone without your teachers or other elders knowing!

Please note that while the ages specified are, in general, accurate, not everyone has "normal" hearing, so receptive ages may vary.

2. Autoregressive "Color Noises": Known in science as the autoregressive noises for their characteristic properties, these tones, the White Noise, Brown Noise, and Pink Noise, are each experimentally proven to help with focus and relaxation. The Pink Noise, for example, is sometimes used to help newborns stay soundly asleep. The Brown Noise, on the other hand, was even used on MythBusters to test the myth that it could cause some people to lose control of their bowels!

3. Relaxation Tones: Exclusive to iStealthTones now are several noises that can be used to help with sleep, relaxation, or just to create a serene, spa-like atmosphere. These relaxation-themed tones can even be played while your device is locked so that they can stay on while you try to sleep or just relax.