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RC Heli 3

iPhone / iPad
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WARNING Supported Devices : iphones starting with iPhone 5, and iPads starting with the iPad 4 and Retina mini. **

RC Heli is back, and it's a revolution !
Enjoy flying Micro RC helicopters and quads around a very detailed 3d scenario.
Scale up your skills with 4 physics simulation difficulty modes ranging from a strongly electronically assisted "Beginner" mode to an ultra realistic "Pro" mode.
RC Heli 3 engine simulates RC Helis and Drones very realistically allowing you to learn and practice as a simulator but it can also turn into a more arcade and easy experience.
The new Ai assisted Follow camera ads incredible realism to the experience following your vehicle as if you where there.
2 Race game modes will see you flying micro quads trough cardboard checkpoints scattered through the realistic scenario, and compete online on our global leaderboards.

Join the competition to be the King of the Week and be one of the 3 usernames on the whiteboard on all players main menus. Each week the competition will be reset and a new king will take power !

With RC Heli 3 we are also introducing our new "FrozenAccount" which allows users to sync online all their progress and purchases and share them with the soon coming other platform versions of RC products.

Many new game modes, scenarios and vehicles will be released in the upcoming months.

Top Features :
- Detailed scenario allows for stunning flights at micro scale
- Advanced physics simulations
- Helicopter and Drone vehicles
- Electronic stabilizer simulation allows for a easy and yet realistic flight experience at beginner levels
- Free Flight , Race and Micro Race game modes available
- Many vehicles to choose from
- Wind simulation
- Online scoreboards
- Alive scenario rich of visual and audio detail
- Incredible sound track
- Soon coming multiplayer modes
- Sync progress and unlocks with the soon coming Mac and Pc version
- .... so much more.

** Unsupported devices : At the moment RC Heli 3 does not support the following devices ( IPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad mini, iPod Touch, iphone 4 and 4s (previous ones too)