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myHeart - Heart Rate Recorder

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myHeart now brings the original idea of private workout and heart rate monitoring to the Apple Watch.

myHeart for the Apple Watch utilises the health sensors within the watch to provide you with the most up to date state of your workout. During your workout, you can monitor your heart rate, heart rate zone, active kilojoules and step count. These are presented in easy to understand glances. Your workout can be saved and will be included in your watch activity goals. myHeart has been specifically designed for you to workout unencumbered by your phone.

Workouts created on the Apple Watch are transferred back to your iPhone so you can keep abreast of your previous efforts, including those done using a bluetooth body strap sensor.

You can customise the workout activity using your phone and record workouts using either a bluetooth body strap sensor or Apple watch.

myHeart on your iPhone continuously records your heart rate (using a bluetooth body strap sensor like the Polar H7) in an elegant interactive graph whilst simultaneously displaying your heart rate zones*.

“I was wanting to keep fit and use a heart rate sensor to get some facts about my workouts. But so many fitness apps require you to register online and share your data. I wanted something that was private, required no registration, no subscription and displayed your heart rate in a beautifully simple but informative manner. So I wrote this app.”

Features include full screen heart rate graph over time with heart rate zones based on your age and gender. Instantly see what your current heart rate and how you have been tracking during your workout. myHeart can either automatically track your progress zooming and scrolling to show you the last short period of your workout or show the entire workout. All your workouts can be saved so you can easily review how you performed doing various activities.

myHeart calculates your heart rate zones based on your age and gender. During your workout the time you spend in each zone is elegantly displayed behind your heart rate.

For each workout you specify the activity or create your own (cross trainer, elliptical, exercise bike, jogging, pilates, recumbent bike, rower, spin bike, stepper, treadmill, walking, yoga, meditation, resting), the program (cardio, fat burn, heart rate, hills, interval, manual, peak, ramps, random, strength, weight loss), duration (or untimed), level (1-24). Optionally you can add your weight as well as a written note.

Integration with Apple’s Health app including saving your calories, heart rate, weight and workouts.

*myHeart can be used with either the Apple Watch or Bluetooth Low Energy body sensors (such as the Polar H7, Wahoo Blue and Beets Blu). myHeart will display a live graph during your workout when used with a sensor that provides a continuous heart rate stream (generally bluetooth body strap sensors). When using the Apple Watch, myHeart will measure health information but is not able to show a live graph as the watch does not provide a uninterrupted heart rate stream.