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Area Maze

iPhone / iPad
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This is a brand new logical puzzle app that has been created by Japanese puzzle designers in collaboration with specialist mathematics and science schools.
It has been designed to increase your imagination and thinking abilities to the max!

This puzzle features a maze of calculations and the aim is to calculate the unknown area or length as shown by the question mark by using the other measurements which are provided.
As there are no decimals or fractions involved, the player only needs an elementary school level of mathematics to have a go; specifically, knowing how to determine the area of a rectangle (length × width = area).

Sounds simple enough, right?
Well, have a go at finding out the correct answer which the creators have hidden within each of the levels!
Even if you come across a level that looks difficult, by sharpening your thinking skills you will surely be able to solve it.
And there is nothing like that feeling of accomplishment when you finally solve that difficult puzzle!

In order to prevent puzzles from being solved just by looking at the diagram without performing any calculations, the scale of some of the puzzle diagrams has been adjusted to differ from the actual length or area.

Clear the number of levels shown to unlock more puzzles!

A new puzzle level will be added each day if you meet the conditions.

・You have completed the beginner and intermediate puzzles.
・You have also completed the new puzzle.
・A new puzzle will be added once per day when you start the app.
However, you will not receive all the new levels for previous days in which you didn’t start the app.