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The Mysterious Ancient Tombs

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The ancient culture over thousands, secrets buried in the ancient tombs, experiences of the grave robbers…
There exist many ancient tombs under the unknown earth or in the remote forests and the dangerous places.
How much do we know about them?

Giza Plateau in Egypt or Imperial Tombs of the Qing Dynasties contain the prosperous and the loss of the kingdom or the time. The feelingless tombs leave us with endless mysteries:
The origin of the pyramid, the Tutankhamun curse, the real place of Cao Cao tomb, the Genghis Khan tomb in Ejin Horo, etc.

Standing on the ground of science, based on the historical records and archaeological discoveries, this app explores the secrets of the ancient tombs. Following this app, we can understand the ancients’ thoughts and the culture of the ancient society, thus knowing the tomb secrets.

Following the archaeologists to explore the underground tombs to learn the legends!

【Characteristics of the app】

Massive pictures with valuable texts
Horrible music
Exquisite background composing
Latest interactive and three-dimensional reading experience

【Customer reviews】

I downloaded this app in an airport several days ago, and it sparked my interest in archaeology.
--- Lexus
This is a delightful introduction to the fascinating history and the mysterious ancient tombs.
--- Suki
Every tomb has a story in the behind. Reading these stories are exciting!
--- Jerry

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