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'Gait analysis' is developed for heathcare providers such as docors, physical therapists, physical trainers etc. Just fix your iPhone at your lower back (around L3) with belt and walk. Then you will get many parameters that you cannot get when using a stopwatch.
This iPhone application measures basic gate parameters such as gate speed, step length, as well as coefficient of variance, symmetry of and center of mass displacement during gate. 

1. 10 m walk / free walk within 1 minute is possible.
2. You can measrue 10 m walk only three taps.
3. In free walk mode, you will select overground or treadmill where you can preset duration, speed and distance.
4. The computed gate parameters with center of mass trajectory graph will be sent via e-mail.


Please fix the iPhone firmly so that it will not drop. We are not responsible for any damages to iPhone.

Please pay attention to safety when measuring unsteady walk. We are not responsible for any accidents related to measurement.

There are cases where measurements are inaccurate depending on walking conditions, or version or status of iPhone.

Results are unreliable under the following walking conditions because of the difficulty in gait cycle identification.
1.Abnormal gait, especially including pause during a gait cycle (e.g. so called marching gait of stroke patients)
2.Gait slower than 40 m / min
We will update the application when we confirm the applicability to gait in these conditions.