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ExhibitView™ 5

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ExhibitView™ 5 iPad is for 3rd generation iPads. Use for organizing case exhibits and making presentations.Trial lawyers need powerful presentation tools for the 21st century. ExhibitView™ 5 iPad is a powerful and easy to use app. Making effective case presentations for hearings, mediations and trials is within your fingertips. ExhibitView™ 5 iPad allow users to organize, create sub folders, take notes and create white boards. Presentation tools include call-out features, highlight, freehand pen tool, a laser pointer tool and complete control of your output to a TV or projection device. Additional features include screenshot saving, creating alias names, and importing and exporting projects for safe keeping. ExhibitView™ 5 iPad is optimized for the newest iPad's and iPad mini screens and the latest iOS.

Our new exclusive collapsing exhibit library maximizes your work area. Additionally, our "last item used" indicator in your exhibit library makes it simple to see the last item you were viewing so you can easily tap through a sequence of exhibits. ExhibitView™5 iPad is the most flexible and powerful presentation tool for iPad.

Learn about our PC version of ExhibitView™ 5 and create your presentations on PC and save to iPad. Learn about our TranscriptPro™ 2 PC software for quickly editing Synchronized video depositions and creating individual or merged segments of depositions for use on the PC and iPad. Sometimes spelled Exhibit View.

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