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Math Helper Plus - Calculus and Algebra Solver

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Math Helper is the best app, which solves calculus problems and shows step by step solution.

It's easy - you enter mathematical problems and get the answer and detailed solution.

App with 1M+ happy users on other platforms now available for iOS8!
THIS IS ORIGINAL MATH HELPER. Avoid cheap clones of this app on the market and see no further – download it right now!

«Excelent and helpful. Easy to use and very descriptive» - Julio Z.
«This is amazing app this helped me to study easily without any doubt.. Without any guidence i can get full marks in maths ... Love this app :) :) :D» - Pulkit G.
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* Integration
- Indefinite integral
- Definite integral
- Arc length of a curve (explicit)
- Arc length of a curve (parametric)

* Derivative
- Derivative of a polynomial
- Higher order derivatives
- Derivatives using the definition of the derivative
- Logarithmic differentiation
- Derivatives of parametric functions
- Implicit differentiation
- Normal to a curve
- Tangent to a curve
- Critical points of a function
- Average value of a function

* Limits
- Limits approaching a value
- Limits approaching infinity
- Evaluating limits with L'Hospital's rule

* Functions
- Normal to a curve
- Tangent to a curve
- Local extrema of a function
- Critical points of a function
- Average value of a function
- Convexity intervals & inflection points of a function
- Curve sketching
- Eliminating the parameter from parametric equations

Math Helper is an universal assistant app for step by step solving of mathematical problems for Calculus (integral, Derivative, antiderivative, , limits, functions, etc) for school, secondary, college and university students and everyone who learn.
It allows you not only to see the answer or result of a task, but also a detailed step by step solution.

- Native and sleek iOS8 interface
- 4 topics with 25+ problems (everything you need for Calculus)
- Full localization for Russian, English
- More than 1 000 000 customers all over the world supported development of our apps

Want to learn better? See no further – download this application right now!

Good for SSC, SAT, ACT or GCSE

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