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Treble Timer V1

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Health & Fitness
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Are you tired of having to buy stopwatches and timers when the batteries run out?
Are you tired of having to search through your different stopwatches and timers to find the right one to use?
Have you wanted to save your workout time lengths or your athlete’s performance times?
Do you want to capture memories in video while you are timing your event?
Do you want to post your stopwatch times, timer combinations, and/or videos on to social media?
Do you want to be able to do this all in one app without having to lug around camera equipment or ask for help?

This is the app for you.

It's called Treble Timer V1. What's Treble Timer V1? Let's break down the name.
Treble=Three: Three timers fused together into one versatile, easy-to-use app.
Timer=Stopwatch, Countdown Timer, and Interval Timer
V=Video: One of the unique features you will find in the app
1=It's one great app.

Enjoy Treble Timer V1’s excellent features, including:

-Listen to iTunes while you are using the app. (will not work when video is running)

-Record video while you are using any of the three timers to capture the action. (Note: iTunes will not work when video is running.)

-Use any of ten sound effects for your Countdown & Interval Timer end & warning alarms. (Also comes with a countdown option for the interval timer.)

-Save any of your timers to the Saved Entries page. For any saved entry, you can use the share button for the following:
-Reload any saved countdown and interval timer entry.
-Re-watch video
-Post timer information and videos to several different places, including:
-text message
-Twitter (timer information only)
-YouTube (with video only)
-device's video gallery (video only)
When posting, please keep in mind the following:
1. The actual timer will not show in the video when re-watched/posted
2. The limits of timer information/video size for each media
3. Treble Timer V1 developer is not responsible for the content posted by users.

Great for any type of activity, including:
-Any type of workout, including Tabata, HIIT, and Circuit workouts
-Any type of sporting event or practice
-Contests, including marathons, obstacle courses, dodgeball, etc.
-Board and card games
-Study sessions
-Speeches and school/work projects
-Work drills
-Anything else you can think of—be creative.

That's right anyone can use this--coaches, personal trainers, teachers, parents, students, bosses--anyone. Happy timing.

To check out more about the app or to contact developer Jon “Bruiser” Brosey, go to