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Beginning Sounds On-Track

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Develop essential pre-reading skills! Recognizing sounds and associating them with words and objects are the first steps to reading. This great On-Track Beginning Sounds app from School Zone makes the journey an action-packed adventure for preschoolers. A unique progress tracking feature allows children to work at their own pace, bookmarks their progress so they can easily pick up where they left off, and provides instant grading to motivate learning. A star means “great job!” A check mark means the answer is incorrect. Green and red pawprints at the bottom of the screen track your child’s progress. He or she can click a red one to re-do a problem and fix the answer. Colorful graphics, audio prompts and praise, silly sound effects, and funny reward animations enhance the learning experience. At intervals learners also get “recess,” with three alternating games that challenge and motivate: Tree the Cats, Deep Sea Dodge ‘Em and Three Nests Full. Plus, a progress report can be shared at any time, as well as bonus exercise pages and a completion award certificate when finished.

• Easy instructions and continuous action
• Instant grading and at-a-glance progress tracking
• Creative, high-energy sound track and animations

Skills: beginning sounds; letter recognition; letter-sound association; matching sounds; listening; following directions; problem solving; eye-hand coordination

Ages 3-5


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