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Euclidea: Geometric Constructions Game with Compass and Straightedge

iPhone / iPad
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Euclidea is a collection of interactive geometric problems to solve. It is perfect for students, teachers, and all math lovers. Develop your logic, intuition, and imagination.


* Interactive geometric constructions
* 54 problems of increasing difficulty
* 10 tools
* Automatic verification of solutions
* Use two fingers to zoom and pan
* Track achievements and compete with your friends on Game Center


The game has been shown to help with imagination, intuition, and logic, all wonderful skills to develop.

Nontrivial Games
Euclidea is a game that every math student should have and, in an ideal world, every adult should like.


“There is no royal road to geometry,” declared Euclid to King Ptolemy, who wanted to learn the secrets of geometry without effort.

Demanding tasks await you in this game, as you create geometric figures using only a compass and straightedge. Each step tests your brain, requiring careful thought and preparation. Starting with the very basics and working your way up using the challenges you have solved already, you will learn to skillfully wield and construct bisectors, perpendicular lines, tangents, triangles from their constituent parts, inscribed and circumscribed circles, the golden section, and regular polygons. Every time you must complete a small wonder as you create a new object out of near-nothingness.

As in Euclid's Elements, the straightedge shows no measurement marks and the compass collapses as soon as it is lifted from the page. Using these two simple tools, you can perform three – and only three – simple operations: plot a point, connect two points with a straight line, and draw a circle passing through a particular point around the center. But what is especially fun is the ability to create your own new tools. For example, as soon as you learn how to build a perpendicular bisector, you gain the corresponding tool, which will assist you during subsequent challenges.

But even as we pay our due to the traditions laid by the father of geometry, we cannot turn our backs on the last two millennia of progress either. Unlike ordinary paper, where lines are immutable, your sketches in Euclidea can be moved. You can shift points and therefore the lines that join them. This makes it easy to see the relationships between geometric elements, check your work, and analyze errors.

Euclidea is more than just a set of geometry challenges. The unyielding logic of geometry is incorporated into gameplay in a new and exciting way that becomes gradually more complex. And even though each challenge can be solved in an infinite number of ways, the game becomes a true puzzle when you try to find the shortest solutions involving the fewest actions. Begin playing and we think your road to geometry will be both pleasant and fascinating – the true royal road indeed! Q.E.D.