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Revengers: Super heroes of Kingdoms

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Role Playing
  • Strategy
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◆◆Top 10 in Free Ranking& Grossing Rankingin Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea and many more!!
◆◆Millions of 5 star rating from player in other counties!

Revengers: Super heroes of Kingdoms is a 3D multi-touch real time mobile fighting card game offering you a most Pleasant, Stunning and Amazing game experience of ThreeKingdoms .

The game has the most classic multiplayer strategies and more gorgeous 3D graphics than other games of same genre. Players can enjoy 360-degree rotated combat battlefield and experice the exciting atmosphereof thousands of soldiers fighting in one screen.

Game Features:
◆HD Game Interface
.Fully 3D HD Graphic in game!!

◆Unique skill system
.Surprise the opponents with Ingenious skill Setand eliminate their army.
.Unque Skill for each hero and contains special elements such like:
-Zhuge Liang >Control Thunder and Wind
-Zhou Yu> Control Fire
-Sima Yi > Control Venom
-Lv Bu> Almighty Power

◆Recruit Epic Heroes
.More than 500 famous generals in the history!!
.Lv Bu, Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Guan Yu, even Zhao Yun can be your subordinate and win the battle for you!
.Liu Bei team up Guan Yuand ZhangFei; Cao Cao fight with Zhangliao and SimaYi !! Create your own Five Tiger Generals with countless combo formation!

◆Unique Evolve system
.Hero’s skills will be strengthened after evolution so players are able to form multiple teams with different skill sets to face the challenge!!
.Heroes evoluation: Normal card>Real Card>Ghost Card>God Card!!!
.Heroes Upgrade: 3 Stars>4 Stars, 4 Stars> 5 Stars!!

◆Unique Weather system
.Weather in-game may affect the intensity of hero’s skills
.Change the weather with your hero unique skill!

◆Deploy and Control your army
.Deploy your army into strategy position to win the battle!
.Control and Unleash the Power Skill by Real-time in battle!
.Unique auto skill system, can auto unleash skill when encountering enemies!

◆Exciting BGMand dynamic sound effects
.Orignla Japanese voice for all Heroes and all NPC
. Special sound effect for skills and other action

.Free Diamond and items very day
.Free Gold Cards every week
.Continual Great Event giving out all kind of rewards

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